Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why I'm Leaving Facebook

I've finally decided that I will not provide my personal information to a company that has repeatedly shown itself to be untrustworthy. I am closing my account.

Facebook has on several occasions changed privacy settings -without informing their users- while hiding those changes behind a facade of providing more "choice," "convenience," or the ability to "stay connected."

This is a lie.

It is an attempt to gather more of your personal information to sell without you knowing. And Mark Zuckerberg thinks you're too stupid to realize what's going on.

Facebook will not be able to hide behind the "it's in our Terms of Service" argument much longer; state and federal courts have held several times that Terms of Service and End User Licence Agreements are not necessarily binding to the user -especially if they are used to hide terms that would not be acceptable if put in plain text with an explicit agreement required.  

I ask you all to consider what you are putting on Facebook; yours and your children's health and social problems, your gripes about your employers, your dreams and desires, your possibly controversial beliefs, your family's whereabouts. Are these things you would tell someone in real life who you know is not trustworthy?

Remember that you are not a customer of Facebook, you are an asset to be sold to their real customers.
I choose not to be that product anymore.

You can find me on Twitter as @thegruntingfrog where at least they are honest about the fact that your info is public.

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