Friday, May 8, 2009

The Admin Rights Argument

AKA "Why You Can't Have Admin Rights at Work"

Check out this video from Steve Gibson (Gibson Research Center) explaining the security ramifications of administrative rights on corporate PC's running Windows.

Admit it. You clicked the image thinking it was an embedded YouTube video didn't you. I could have fooled you into going anywhere and if you're logged in with Administrative privileges (which is quite likely if you're on your home PC running Windows), quite a bit more could have just happened.
Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Creating a Windows 7 Bootable USB Flash Drive

I decided to install Windows 7 (Release Candidate) on my Dell Mini 9 to see how the hardware and OS play together. One problem. No CD drive on the Mini. This isn't as big of a deal as you may think.

What you need:
1 x 4 GB (or larger) flash drive (aka thumb drive, pen drive, usb key, usb stick, etc.)
1 x Windows 7 Release Candidate iso file
1 x Bootsect.exe (You don't need to download this if you're on Vista. It's built in.)
1 x WinRAR installed
1 x Windows XP or Vista machine to work on.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

MMS 2009: Take Away

I'm going to give a brief synopsis and what I took away from each of the MMS sessions I attended. This is not intended to be a comprehensive look at each session, just some highlights, overall impressions and ideas of how these concepts could be used in the real world.

SQL Performance Tips for Config Manager Reporting
It seems that our Primary Site server is dramatically underpowered. Brian Mason (Wells Fargo) and Steve Thompson (BT Consulting) suggest the following configuration assuming that the SQL database resides on the Primary.

- 64 bit, 64 bit, 64 bit
- 32 GB RAM
- Dual Quad Core processors (Quad Dual Core processors will do in a pinch, but they produce more heat)
- Partition the main hard disk with the OS, SQL, and Config Manager on different partitions.
- Use separate drives for the Config Manager Inboxes and SQL Transaction Logs.
- No pagefile. No need.

The Rebranding of SCCM

It used to be that all the documentation and speeches coming from Microsoft referred to System Center Configuration Manager as "SCCM" for brevity. Something that I noticed at MMS was the constant use of the term "Config Manager" when referring to SCCM. It seems to be the newly preferred abbreviation even to the point that I heard one presenter correct himself by saying, "...they told me not to say that anymore."

Reduction of the alphabet soup that is a typical IT conversation is always good, but if they don't print it as SCCM anymore then I can't call it "Suck 'em."

That makes me sad.