Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MMS 2009 - Configuration Manager v.Next

So far, the demo of the pre-alpha version of the new Configuration Manager (v.Next is the placeholder version name/number) has been the most exciting thing about the Microsoft Management Summit. I'm too tired to really go into the details, but I thought I'd go ahead and publish my notes from the session. They may be a bit cryptic now, but I'll go into more detail later.

Config Manager - State of the Union

Presenters: Josh Pointer and Bill Anderson

The Past 12 Months

  • App-V native
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • Forefront Integration

:SCUP scupsync.exe

:Energy Star DCM Support

: Configuration Manager Feature Quiz

: SCCM and Mobile Device Manager Integration

The Next 12 Months

: SP2 - Beta in June - RTM 90 days post Win7
: Branch cache - security holes?
Branch Cache built in to Win7
Out of Band BITS release for Vista and Server 2008
: New AMT support
Wireless profiles
: Multi-select and delete driver catalog drivers from console

  • No MMC
  • Standalone compiled console.
  • Collection filters
  • Details pane autopopulates with information about the highlighted object.
  • Role-based access and control - Only shows UI objects that are applicable to the role.
  • Security Scopes and Roles allow granular access without monkeying with underlying permissions directly.
Scope = What you can act on.
Role = What you can do with them.
  • Roles - Built in roles and customizable roles.
  • Roles and Scopes exposed in the SDK.
  • Can run multiple consoles at the same time since not constrained by MMC.
  • Scenario-based alerts and notifications in the console.
  • Client Health - Built in. Auto-remediation with notification and trending.
  • Client Activitiy - Ditto
  • OSD - Add Updates to OSD images automatically. Scheduled since it is invasive. Console only shows updates that haven't already been applied to image and pertain to OS that image is based on.
  • Task sequencer has built-in support for USMT 4.0 straight from GUI.
  • Software Updates - Automatic updates based on criteria such as severity. For example, set it for Critical Patches and all Critical updates even out of band patches, it would auto-deploy inside the Maintenance Window.
  • 64 bit only including SQL
  • SQL Reporting Services is ONLY reporting platfrom
  • State-based DP groups. Create a Distribution Point group, and assign your advertisement to the group. Need to add a new DP and you have 500 applications to add to it? Drop it in the group. Done.
  • Remote Control with Ctrl-Alt-Del back in.
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