Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Introduction

I'm a systems engineer that focuses on the configuration and management of the desktop in a large enterprise environment, so I technology with a viewpoint that differs from "normal people," and even that of an email or system monitoring specialist. I'm a fairly silly and sarcastic guy, so this shouldn't be too stuffy. Although DeNiro disagrees, comedy is hard so I'm not going to "try" to be funny either (Shut up, B.). If it happens, great. I have no delusions about the scope or interest in this blog, but hopefully you'll find something you can use or enjoy.

I'm going to MMS 2009 and will be covering my journey and the sessions I attend.

Since imaging, GPO, and SCCM are parts of my responsibilities, I'll be focusing on the Client Management and Systems Management tracks although I will be attending a few other sessions as well.

For pure irony's sake, I'll most likely be writing all of my MMS entries on a MacBook that my company bought for my team (read, "me") to test.

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